Tokyo Pyramid

We’ve looked at variations of pyramids from around the world and while they all stick to a similar structure and aesthetic, rarely do you literally flip the rulebook and work from ‘top to bottom’. Tokyo Big Sight is the representation of this idea. It’s a massive conference centre that has four inverted pyramids comprising its central conference tower. Made from a titanium shell and covered in glass panelling, this impressive looking building.

If you were standing inside and needed to use the elevator, you’d get confused that level 3, 4 and 5 don’t exist, as the middle is a void. Each level can hold thousands in respective conference spaces.

Japan is hoping that the building will be a suitable venue to host indoor sports at the 2020 Olympics. Here’s hoping the fencers don’t think they’ll have to hang upside down.

36734177.TokyoBigSight IMG_653821 Tokyo_Big_Sight_Conference_Tower

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