The Great Pyramid Monument

It might seem a bit morbid trying to think how you would like your remains to be dealt with after you die.The majority of people will choose between traditional burial or cremation but there are other options out there.

One interesting option in Germany was to be part of a pyramid made of human remains. As dramatic as that sounds it is merely using the concrete blocks that would contain and urn.

Organisers want it to be a global monument that brings together people of all nationalities and religions. They believe that the statistics show there is a market for people looking for different options with around 50%of the UK choosing to have their ashes scattered rather than choosing a traditional option.

Jens Thiel and Ingo Niermann developed the project after getting a government grant and had this to say on it;

“The new Great Pyramid would be a very efficient cemetery. It would have a huge capacity. A 150m-high pyramid could contain five million stones, it would be the size of six football fields and millions of people could be buried there.”

“Lots of people don’t like normal cemeteries. In Britain, 50% of people want their ashes to be scattered, in the US it is about 40%,” said Mr Thiel.

“The new Great Pyramid is a global monument. It’s the first cemetery for people of all nationalities and all religious beliefs. It is a very beautiful, peaceful idea.”

At a cost of over £500 they have already seen people signing up and even though the project gained most of its momentum in 2008 the project is still one that gets the attention of people especially around the proposed area near the city of Dessau, eastern Germany.

It is hoped the pyramid will bring job creation and economic growth to the area and people from all over the world will travel to see it.

It remains to be seen just how successful the scheme will be but it is certainly an interesting idea for people to think about and would make a stunning monument for people to pay their respects at.

It would be a welcome addition to the worlds growing number of pyramids from residential to business and we will be showing you some great examples over the coming months.