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Staying In A London Pyramid

It mightn’t look like much from the outside, but taking a stay at this 5 star hotel in London is the closest you’ll get to staying inside a pyramid.

The ME London hotel is located in Convent Garden and is a hotel unlike any other in London. Across 10 floors the walls just at angles and designs converge to create the sense that you’re walking through a pyramid. Although this doesn’t affect the theme of the building (Egyptian theme hotel does sound a bit tacky), creating public spaces and corridors that are a drastic break from the norm is surprising for a hotel.

LED lighting enhance the atmosphere of the walls, while the bold decision to make interiors black and marble like create an imposing sense of authority. Take for example the first photo below this text. That isn’t a split image made symmetrical. That really is what a corner looks like.

The central reception area is stunning. Triangular cuts in the walls that glow ever so slightly draw anyone’s eyes up to crane the neck and take in the light from the very top, reflecting from the polished panels.

Being in London also gives you access to one of the worlds greatest cities with everything you could ask for either on your doorstep or a short tube journey away.

For culture you have an incredible amount of museums, galleries and historical sites available to you. Some, like the Natural History Museum are even free so you could have a great day out for very little money.

Health wise you really couldn’t be in a better place. There a number of the UK’s top hospitals located in London and Harley Street is home to many experts and specialists in different areas. The LOC is also based in London and is recognised as being one of the top cancer care facilities in the world. To find out more about private treatments for lung cancer in London or private breast cancer treatments in the UK just visit the following links: 

Entertainment wise you have the world famous theatres, cinemas and star studded premieres as well as countless clubs, bars and pubs. You won’t be hard pushed to find great food as well with thousands of restaurants serving dishes from all over the world.

Pyramid living has moved on a long way from ancient Egyptian times and this prime London example shows you how you can make the most of a unique property in one of the worlds busiest and most entertaining cities.

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