Memphis Pyramid

Ask anyone to name a pyramid in American and we’ll guess 99 out of 100 answers will be for the Luxor. For that 1 other answer, you’re probably going to be directed towards a Memphis arena that has dominated the skyline for over 20 years. It was once the most popular venue in the city, and just like the pyramids in Egypt has been left to the wayside while other arenas pop up.

The Great American Pyramid, to give it its full title, sits at the bank of the Mississippi River and is the third largest pyramid in the world standing in at 32 stories high.

The arena could house over 20 000 attendees and covers half a million sqft of space. It shines in the daytime thanks to the exterior being covered in stainless steel.

Sadly the greatest pyramid in the U.S. is no longer in use. It has officially not had a sports team use the venue since 2004 and ended up closing down. The future of the building relies on the river below, as it will be turned in to a fishing supply megastore and something of a Mecca for those who love to cast a reel.

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