Las Vegas Pyramid

It’s a staple of any Las Vegas skyline and yet it’s only 20 years old. Arguably the most famous pyramid in the world, the Luxor is the 2nd biggest hotel in the city and covers 120 000 sqft.

Even though it has a complex and outstanding design, everyone recognises the Luxor when they can’t really see it. The hotel is more famous for its light that shines from the pinnacle at night. It’s a rare instance of a tourist attraction that isn’t easy to get to.

None of the hotel’s well-known elevators go to the top of the building. Anyone looking to get up close to the light has to climb up a series of very steep and long ladders. It’s the only way someone can get near the 39 lamps that reflect off each other to create the beam.

The tip gets hotter than anywhere else in Vegas, even during the day when sunlight hitting the pinnacle can make it 20° hotter than outside.

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