Kazakhstan Pyramid

There might be two seas between Kazakhstan and Egypt, but that hasn’t stopped the ninth largest country in the world from creating a pyramid that represents a symbol of unity and is designed in an unbelievable fashion.

The Pyramid of Peace & Reconciliation (also translated as The Pyramid of Peace & Accord) is situated in the capital city of Astana. It was originally constructed to be a meeting point for a congress between world religions and now is one of the world’s top conference centres.

It only took 2 years to build at a cost of just £35m. The tip of the pyramid is a different colour because that’s where the meeting room is. The circular table has a hollow interior offering you a view down through the entire building.

The crazy feature of this building is that the inner pyramid is hollow from top to bottom. Although offices are on each floor they are hidden behind a glass façade. The ground floor atrium has another, even bigger, conference table that makes for a space defined by grandeur. It draws upon the natural light from above to mix in with the ambient glow of the surroundings.

What’s even more impressive is hidden below the pyramid. An underground opera house sits directly below the conference table (notice the similarity in the table and roof space). It can house 1300 guests and is completely customisable.

Astana_pyramid_at_night Foster & Partners - Peace Pyramid, Astana pyramid-of-peace2