Illinois Pyramid

For Americans who could never afford the chance of going across the Atlantic to see real pyramids, there’s always a cheaper alternative at home. In the state of Illinois lies Pyramid House.

A private home owned by an Armenian family, this pyramid has its own museum, a separate three-pyramid garage and an enormous 64ft statue of Ramses. There’s even a replica of King Tut’s tomb inside.

The entire property is surrounded by walls and iron gates with hieroglyphics and busts for pillars.  You can rent the ‘hotel’ area inside the building. The ground floor is advertised as a rentable area for up to 150 people.

Did we mention that the entire thing is surrounded by a moat? Yes to access the pyramid you have to go over a private bridge. This is because the home was originally covered in thin golden plates (roughly 4000 plates), which were taken off a few years ago and melted down to stop crafty prospectors getting their hands on any.

200741317_5ef86de92e_b IMG_0797 Pyramid_house_and_statues_Wadsworth_IL