Daft Punk Pyramid

It was the most talked about stage set since Pink Floyd’s The Wall and was seen by millions worldwide. Daft’s Punk pyramid was an electronic ‘eyegasm’. Powered to illuminate hundreds of LED screens, the pyramid projected lasers out over the crowd and blasted visuals at key moments.

When you usually go a concert, visuals are controlled by someone sitting at the sound desk. Here though, the duo themselves could change the visuals whenever they like. It gave an added dimension to the live experience letting them remix what the audience was seeing as well as hearing.

This setup set a new precedent in live dance music that has steamrolled over the last few years with artists like Calvin Harris, Avicii and Swedish House Mafia all striving to out do one another with stunning visuals.

1270876124_55e5d33990_z Daft-Punk-2 daft-punk-pyramid-torquois

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