Albanian Pyramid

There might be a time in your life where you end up in Albania. We’ve no idea how you’ll end up there or why you’re even there, but in event you are you might want to take a trip to the Pyramid of Tirana. Referred to locally as ‘La Piramida’ this mixture of concrete and steel was once a museum celebrating the life of former communist leader Enver Hoxha.

In the 90s it was transformed in to a conference centre in the hopes that international talks would at some point take place in the behemoth. NATO took up residence during the Kosovo War but the idea of it being an internationally centre quickly deflated over the neighbouring decade.

Now the building is rundown and starting to visibly fall apart in certain corners. No one knows what exactly to do with the pyramid. Some Albanians wants it completely demolished and new buildings in its place. Others see it as having historical value and just in need of a touch up.

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