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Working In A London Pyramid

Previously on the blog we’ve talked about staying in a London pyramid hotel, but today we found out about a very different and exciting office space for hire called, much to our liking, The Pyramid.

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The Pyramid Building is a three storey office space from which two of those floors is made up of a cosy pyramid area. It’s an open planned office space that according to the architects was designed to be well insulated, bright and inspiring all at once. We can imagine someone finding the perfectly placed desks as a space not just to let ideas flow but also make for a genuinely great spot to zone out when a mental block comes on.

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Even though its right in the middle of London, the courtyard location gives it a more European vibe than you would expect from office buildings in the city. We can imagine anyone coming to a meeting here would be slightly awestruck and impressed with the ‘out of sight’ impression the building has.

pyramid office 1

Although we as pyramid fans can imagine setting up shop in here, the building is designed to be more a temporary office space for those in need of somewhere to get work done in the central London without paying extortionate rates. And with the average hire price of a space in the building being just £100 a week, it it quite a good deal indeed.

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The offices are located near London Bridge Station and Bermondsey tube station. Do you have a business but are looking for something more normal and less showy? See this great office properties in Wickham Market for some inspiration.