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Using Pyramid Ideas for a Home Office

Very much a unique looking extension to a house, if you walked by this building any day of the week  it would have a general ‘out of sight, out of mind’ from the pavement.For anyone driving by on a bus or living nearby, a first storey view reveals a unique addition to a property and one of the best looking small office spaces in London. 

This particular pyramid-esque build is located in south-east London. It is the base of a local architects and while you’d expect an architect to view the square footage of the office as the most important feature, here you can see that the use of slotted windows and light coloured walls and fittings helps give an illusion of more space than there really is.

We also like the use of turf on the outlying roof as it gives the impression of a more natural feeling for anyone working on the upper level: something you usually don’t see in a London office. Because of the shape of the building, and due to the fact it was made on a tight budget, there is a higher level of insulation in those slanted walls. What does that mean for those working in there? A nice cosy workspace in the winter, and a tall breezy space in the summer.

Thanks to letting agents in Erdington for telling us about this great pyramid (of sorts).

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