pyramid style at home

Pyramid Style At Home

At The Great Pyramid we’re always on the lookout for anything and everything pyramid from around the globe. Today on the blog we’re bringing things a little closer to home, quite literally, as we’ve found some examples of how and where you can have a pyramid in your home.

Now I’m not taking about getting out some stone slabs and completely remodelling your home, but as you’ll soon see with these unique examples, there are ways you incorporate a little bit of polyhedron style that you probably have never seen before.

pyramid radiator

This first example is a bit of statement piece for a very functional item to be found at home. The often “out of sight, out of mind” radiator will sit on the wall and go unnoticed. Get yourself one of these fantastic looking models though and you’ll arguably be the first person to have a radiator that makes people take a double look when they enter the room and start asking questions.

Now I couldn’t exactly find the maker of this radiator as every result in Google brought up blogs like this highlighting how good it looks and I did see one mention that you could buy one for the low sum of £3,976.02! From the looks of it, the radiator has to sit by a wall as the central column would need a heat source coming in and emitting outwards, rendering the actual slats of the pyramid a bit useless. Maybe they’d make a good CD holder. I think I’m best sticking with traditional heated towel rails from Trade Radiators instead.

pyramid shelves

Of course if you are in to storage solutions then why not get yourself a set of pyramid drawers. When I originally looked at this little chest of drawers I thought it would be hard to make, then I realised that pyramid style drawers would actually be easier to make as you’re simply assembling your boards like a much more stable card house. This set of drawers would be ideal in a bathroom or used in the bedroom as a jewellery drawer, or, if you were to have one with no drawers in it, you could use it in the kitchen as a nice organiser for utensils and dishware.

cat pyramid

A pyramid with a big hole in it might seem a bit odd, but this pyramid is a cosy little home for your pet cat. I seen this on Love Thy Beast and I must say it looks much better than a scratching poll taking up a corner of the living room. This particular home is made completely from recycled cardboard and has a protective coating so you can easily wipe away any bad things your pet leaves behind by accident. The site also suggest that it would make a good home for a ferret of small dog and has a simple assembly, making it perfect to move about and store away at a moment’s notice.

pyramid tables

Here’s a statement piece if ever I seen one. What more impressive than using a pyramid as a table leg? Turning two on their sides of course. The table created by American interior designer Paul Evans and is much older than you imagined. I did a little reading on this and found out it was created in 1969 and is now something of a collector’s item. It’s quite a heavy table as the pyramids are made from coated steel which the designer welded his initials and the year in to. And if you’re wondering how much a table like this goes for, the auction site I found it on estimates that it is worth £8,500 (that’s over $12,000 USD)


This next one is an idea/ home hack that I like a lot. This storage space was made in to an oh so familiar shape by simply assembling 6 set of shelves from Ikea and turning them on their side. All the units are interchangeable so you can change the size and shape accordingly, although we wouldn’t advise leaning against it like the man in this picture is.

lea pyramid lamp

Our last pyramid product is a fantastic little feature that can be put anywhere you like. These LED lamps are remote controlled and run on rechargeable batteries. I can imagine these lamps ideally being used in the garden during the summer when you need a light source that isn’t the kitchen light being left on. The lamps can be set to any colour on the spectrum and controlled by a remote depending on the mood. And they’re guaranteed to be more reliable than those “solar” lights from DIY stores that never work when you want them to.

Do you have any pyramid furniture features that you think we should feature on The Great Pyramid? Get in touch and let us know!