Dubai Pyramid

Living in a 21st Century Pyramid in Dubai

It’s fair to say that Dubai is quite an ambitious place when it comes to Infrastrcuture. From having indoor skiing available in a city with a year round tropical desert climate to the fact that $300 Billion will be used to further heighten growth in the ever expanding city, it wouldn’t be out of place to have someone come along with an idea so out there that only we here at The Great Pyramid can fully appreciate it’s grandeur. And that’s why we’re excited to learn about Ziggurat!

pyramid in dubai

Building a pyramid is no easy feat. But delcaring that you want to build a completely carbon neutral pyramid in the desert, which will be 2.3 square kilometres in size, and have the power to house up to a million people. That’s the ambitious plan of this pyramid design by Timelinks, a design firm based in Dubai who focus on environmentally friendly projects. The project was first considered in 2008 as a part of the Cityscape Dubai event, a major conference on city building and future planning.

It’s essentially a mini city within itself that can be completely independent. If it was to be built in Dubai (yes this is still just an idea for now) it would only generate energy by completely natural sources. And it would remain green by using a unique transport system you wouldn’t find anywhere else. There would be both horizontal and vertical transport systems which interlink with each other and make it incredibly easy to get anywhere within the pyramid. This then of course would eliminate the need for cars, and in turn, save on a lot of space and waste.

This pyramid is a unique structure within itself and if it ever does become a reality after years of pre-conception it will be hot on the heels of the growing demand for liveable space in Dubai. With skyscrapers on the rise and hotel apartments in Dubai growing in popularity, it doesn’t seem too crazy to have a pyramid form part of the landscape.