• 44095922

    Albanian Pyramid

    There might be a time in your life where you end up in Albania. We’ve no idea how you’ll end up there or why you’re even…

  • daft-punk-pyramid-torquois

    Daft Punk Pyramid

    It was the most talked about stage set since Pink Floyd’s The Wall and was seen by millions worldwide. Daft’s Punk pyramid was an electronic ‘eyegasm’.

  • 36734177.TokyoBigSight

    Tokyo Pyramid

    We’ve looked at variations of pyramids from around the world and while they all stick to a similar structure and aesthetic, rarely do you literally flip…

  • Astana_pyramid_at_night

    Kazakhstan Pyramid

    There might be two seas between Kazakhstan and Egypt, but that hasn’t stopped the ninth largest country in the world from creating a pyramid that represents…

  • pyramid_kazan_b

    Russian Pyramid

    A destination spot for the inhabitants of Kazan, the cleverly titled ‘Pyramid’ is the city’s go to entertainment centre.

  • pyramids

    Vintage Pyramid Pics

    These snaps mightn’t be as old as the mighty structures they’re trying to capture, but looking at these ‘vintage’ photos of the original wonder of the…

  • Bilt-House

    Belgian Pyramids

    Taking inspiration from the grand designs of the pyramids and adding a modern spin is a hard task for any home to pull off.

  • IMG_0797

    Illinois Pyramid

    For Americans who could never afford the chance of going across the Atlantic to see real pyramids, there’s always a cheaper alternative at home. In the…